Wall Murals

Peel and stick wall murals provide an easy, versatile, and captivating way to elevate your office and home decor.



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Wall Murals for Office

Vinyl decals are self-adhesive stickers or designs made from durable vinyl material. They are typically die-cut or printed with vibrant colors and can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including walls, windows, laptops, metals, and more.

The vinyl decals can be printed in any color and size. Best to install indoors and outdoors.

Vinyl Print

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Wall Murals for Home

While traditional custom wallpapers take a while to have done, wall murals can be printed and installed within minutes. It is an easy to install and affordable decor material for home and office. You can change the entire appearance of your living space with a single wall mural. Whether it's artwork or your photo, we can print anything that will make your wall look great.

You do not need any glue or paste for installing our wall murals. We print in 24" tiles to make it easier for you to align on wall and install it in minutes.

Our wall murals are easy to remove without any damage to the wall paint. Best for temporary wall art or rental apartments!

Vinyl Print
Vinyl Print

How to Install?

  • Unroll the wallpaper and separate the tiles. Identify each panel and arrange in the hanging order on the floor. Each tile is numbered at the bottom left.
  • Ensure the first panel is hung straight. This is vital for successful installation of your mural. Please make sure the first tile is hung, and carefully smooth away any bubbles or ripple using a soft brush or squeegee.
  • When hanging multiple tiles, your mural is printed with 10 ml overlap. Visually match the image at the join and smooth out. Adjust the position until the pattern completely matches.
  • Continue the previous stages of each tile until all panels are installed. Trim away any excess wallpaper using straight edge and sharp blade. Sit back and enjoy your hard work.

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We are using a Latex printer and bio-degradable products.

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We print your sign with high-quality and durable material.

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