Foam Board Signs

Form Boards are best to showcase your wedding entry sign or promotional offers.
Lightweight | Durable | Easy to hang | Best for events or ceremonies

Surface Type


Best for Promotions

What are Foam Board Signs

Form Boards are highly durable and lightweight to display your brand or special offers at events or parties. These custom form boards can be used for a variety of purposes due to their excellent designs and lightweight. It can also be useful to decorate the walls of your living room by hanging these beautiful form boards with your family photos.

Use the 3M double-sided tape to attach the boards to the walls. It's excellent quality and printing material will cheer your day and will make your event outstanding.

Vinyl Print

Display Options for Foam Boards

Real State Frames

Real-state frames are more versatile, durable, and good for a long stay. These frames can also be reused.

Wire Stakes

Wire stakes are a common and affordable way to display yard signs on lawns and roadside and are easy to remove.

Where to place it?

Foam Board for professional upfront

  • Foam boards are a visual means of advertising to attract visitors in person. If you are moving or relocating, then foam boards are always reusable.
  • With the help of foam boards, you can use the high-quality dimension images to attract the customers for your business.
  • Images and text are printed on foam boards. They are very flexible and reusable as you can place them anywhere
Vinyl Print
Vinyl Print

Maintaining Foam Boards

Foam boards are made from a light weighted material, require to maintain with care.

  • We recommend foam boards only for indoor purposes.
  • If you place outside, then they can come into contact with moisture which can harm the material.
  • Store the foam board gently, and do not put any heavy object on it.
  • Do not place the foam board in strong wind and moisture.
  • Clean it gently with a dry and smooth cloth.

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