Acrylic Signs

Beautiful acrylic signs for showcasing branding or business logo. These signs are printed with latex ink on acrylic material.



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What are Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are versatile, durable that businesses often use for their signage to obtain a modern and sophisticated look. These signs are made of transparent and durable thermoplastic material and popular for business branding, logo, directional symbols, and architectural signage.

The Acrylic signs can be printed on both front and back sides which is a great benefit. To get a customized sign with both options, send us an email at info@vinylprint.ca

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Maintaining the Acrylic Sign

It is necessary to maintain your acrylic sign for the proper shine and glow. Sometimes, it is hard to taking care of signs or you may slip from your mind to clean it regularly. Here are some tips while maintaining an acrylic sign for their shining image and to last long.

  • Always ensure that you have installed it properly
  • Store the signs with soft fabric packaging
  • Clean the signs with only non-abrasive cloth
  • Avoid direct contact with sharp objects

When you are cleaning your sign then always take some precautions. The acrylic sign can be scratched if mishandled. Always use a soft fabric cloth to clean it. Avoid the dry cloth while cleaning. Never use any cleaning product that contains ammonia or any other chemicals, such cleaners can ruin the shiny finishing.

Acrylic Sign professional upfront

The reception, visitor area, cabins, and outdoor walls are the places to install acrylic signs for better interactivity. It acts as a great medium to attract visitors to your business.

  • Display office space with your branding name or logo
  • Show the store hours and important notices
  • Directional, informational, and exhibition signs
  • Menu Boards and restaurant signs
  • Store logo or retail sign
Vinyl Print
Vinyl Print

Removing the Protective Film

If acrylic signs are not handled properly, then they can be scratched easily. So we add a protective film while shipping your sign for their protection from scratches. You can easily remove it in just a few minutes.

Before installation, start from any one corner and pull the protective film from the signage. This is an easy process and after this, you are ready to install your acrylic sign.

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